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Fresh, Premium & Authentic

Ajwa Dates

Whoever has seven Ajwa Dates every morning, he will not be harmed on that day by poison or magic.

Ruqyah Water

Ruqyah Water by Door No. 8 is Ruqyah done on water. Ruqyah is an Islamic way of seeking treatment from the Quran.

Honey Water

Honey water has tremendous medicinal value, because it washes away the harmful substances.

Why Door No. 8?

In Jewish & Islamic traditions (as both are Abrahamic faiths) there are 7 heavens. However, in Islamic Tradition, though there are 7 heavens, but it’s believed that there are 8 Doors to heaven. This 8th Door is called Al-Rayan which means thirst quencher. This Door is believed to be for people whom the God of Abraham would deem worthy, who would be exclusive and who would have fasted (willful refrainment from eating and drinking) in His name. And when these people would pass through that Door, their thirst would forever be quenched.

The notion behind our brand Door No. 8 comes from the same roots. The Products that we make or distribute are exclusive and premium through which we aim to satiate the voracity of the people.